Diary Dates

7th September 2014
Under 11's at - Princess Marina, 9am

14th September 2014
Division 1 at Bushfields, 9.30am

27th September 2014
Intermediates at Bushfields, 9.30am

28th September 2014
Schoolboys at Soham, 10am

11th October 2014
Intermediates at Sudbury, 10am

12th October 2014
Minors at CRC, 9am

12th October 2014
Schoolboys at Bushfields, 9.30am

12th October 2014
Division 1 at Soham, 9am

15th November 2014
Intermediates at Letchworth, 9am

25th October 2014
Under 11's at Soham, 12pm

30th November 2014
Minors at Lynn Sport, 12pm

13th December 2014
Schoolboys at CRC, 9am

14th December 2014
Under 11's at CRC, 9am

21st December 2014
Minors at Sudbury, 9am

4th January 2015
Schoolboys at Soham, 9am

25th January 2015
Under 11's at Bushfields, 9.30am

7th February 2015
Minors at Bushfields, 9.30am

8th February 2015
Under 11's at Sudbury, 10am

22nd February 2015
Division 1at Wymondham, 10am

7th March 2015
Intermediates at Soham, 12pm

8th March 2015
Division 1 at Lynn Sport, 10am

21st March 2015
Schoolboys at Lynn Sport, 12pm

9th May 2015
Minors at CRC, 9am

23rd May 2015
Intermediates at Lynn Sport, 12pm

24th May 2015
Division 1 at Soham, 9am

Peterborough Roller Hockey Club
(Established 1966)

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Just to let everyone that training is back on. We hope you all had a nice break, now its back to school and back to ROLLER HOCKEY. Look forward to seeing you soon.

Shannon Corr

Peterborough Roller Hockey Club would like to send their condolences to Arthur and all the family at the very sad loss of Shannon Corr. Our thoughts are with you at this very sad time.


Don’t forget this Friday is the last training session of the season. We will start back on Friday 5th September.
Have a good holiday and we will see you soon.

EC Cup Finals Day

On 5th July at Bushfields Sports Centre is the Eastern Counties Cup Finals Day where Peterborough are Competing in the U13’s. Also there will be an U9’s tournament for the beginners which Peterborough are also entering.
This is a good day for Roller Hockey. Please come down and support us, there will be lots of fundraising going on too. All welcome, free entry and is on all day from 9.00am.
here for the Schedule
EC Cupfinals

Connor Boardman

Stevens-Johnson syndrome is a rare, serious disorder in which your skin and mucous membranes react severely to a medication or infection. Often, Stevens-Johnson syndrome begins with flu-like symptoms, followed by a painful red or purplish rash that spreads and blisters, eventually causing the top layer of your skin to die and shed.
Stevens-Johnson syndrome presents a medical emergency that usually requires hospitalization. Treatment focuses on eliminating the underlying cause, controlling symptoms and minimizing complications.
Recovery after Stevens-Johnson syndrome can take weeks to months, depending on the severity of your condition. If your doctor determines that your case of Stevens-Johnson syndrome was caused by medication, you'll need to permanently avoid the medication and all others related to it.

PRHC would like to wish Connor a speedy recovery from this Major illness.


Once again we will be holding a Roller Hockey against teenage cancer with a series of friendless at Bushfield Sports Centre on Saturday the 21st of December from 10am till 4pm to raise money for the Cancer charities that have helped and are helping my niece Shannon Corr. Age groups involved are Beginners, under 13s under 15s and Schoolboys, and maybe seniors. We are looking for players to make teams in beginners ( under 12 and have not played in any tournaments ) and seniors who are registered cost is £5 per player
Anybody who would like to take part, help to raise money or donate please contact me.

Thanks for taking time to read this Artie

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Good Luck to the Minors who are playing at Bushfields tomorrow (Sat 5th October). Anybody is welcome to come and watch. 9.30 onwards all day - free entry - raffle, cakes and drinks available raising money for the club.

Welcome back to Roller Hockey after the Summer Break. Friday training is back to normal now. On 5th October 2013 we have our Minors Home Tournament - all are welcome to come and support us.

Well done to the Under 11’s and Under 13’s who qualified for the National Cup Finals to be played at the Pier in Herne Bay on July 20th.

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At the end of the season I will be stepping down as Secretary and handing over to Jen Cann.
I will of course be in the background to help and wish her all the best. - Iain.

A note to all parents the club need more referees - if anyone is interested in giving it a go please contact Arthur, Hayley or Jen.